What is your jewelry made of ?

Wood! We chose it for all its amazing and unique qualities! The details we can achieve on wood, the flexibility, and the sustainability of the material are what led us to choose this material.

How is the color put on your jewelry?

It’s all hand painted and we’re proud of it! We have had lots of practice painting very intricate and colorful designs to ensure you receive a jaw-dropping piece.

Will the paint colors fade?

With the proper care, the colors will stay vibrant for years to come. We make sure to clear coat all our jewelry to protect it from changing colors. Tip: avoid long exposure to the sun to keep it pristine!

I have sensitive ears..what metal do you use for your earring backings?

For all our fish hook earrings, we use nickel and lead free sterling silver.

Are your earrings or necklaces heavy?

No, they are extremely lightweight! Which is awesome because you’re going to want to wear them all day ;)

What is gold-filled? Is it better quality than gold-plated?

Gold filled contains 100% more gold alloy than gold plated and as a result gold-filled is much more durable and long-lasting than gold-plated.  Gold-filled is also less susceptible to tarnishing when treated right! We are obsessed with quality here, so we invested in gold filled over gold plated so we can give you a long-lasting piece of jewelry.


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