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What is your jewelry made of ?

Wood! We chose it for all its amazing and unique qualities! The details we can achieve on wood, the flexibility, and the sustainability of the material are what led us to choose this material.

How is the color put on your jewelry?

It’s all hand painted and we’re proud of it! We have had lots of practice painting very intricate and colorful designs to ensure you receive a jaw-dropping piece.

Will the paint colors fade?

With the proper care, the colors will stay vibrant for years to come. We make sure to clear coat all our jewelry to protect it from changing colors. Tip: avoid long exposure to the sun to keep it pristine!

I have sensitive ears..what metal do you use for your earring backings?

For our stud earrings we use titanium ASTM F-67 grade. Titanium is known to be well suited for people with nickel or cadmium allergies. It is very RARE to be allergic to titanium (which is why we picked it), but if you have a known allergy we offer stainless steel posts as an alternative. Please email us if you would prefer this option.

For all our fish hook earrings, we use nickel and lead free sterling silver.

Are your earrings or necklaces heavy?

No, they are extremely lightweight! Which is awesome because you’re going to want to wear them all day ;)

What is gold-filled? Is it better quality than gold-plated?

Gold filled contains 100% more gold alloy than gold plated and as a result gold-filled is much more durable and long-lasting than gold-plated.  Gold-filled is also less susceptible to tarnishing when treated right! We are obsessed with quality here, so we invested in gold filled over gold plated so we can give you a long-lasting piece of jewelry.

Do you make clip-ons?

Yes! We offer clip-ons. You can add them to your order here

Do you make earrings for stretched ears?

Not at this time. BUT, we do offer clip-ons which can work for stretched ears. Watch the video here to see how it works for stretched ears.

How do I take care of Rylee & Ink jewelry?

We’ve created a little jewelry guide here. Promise it is stress-free and easy!

Custom Pet Portrait Earrings

Do you only do cats and dogs?

No, we offer pretty much all pets. Giving us a good reference photo will help us create the best results.

Can I have more than one pet in a pair of earrings?

Yes, for an additional cost, we offer one pet for each ear. We're currently unable to offer multiple pets in one earring.

How do I know if my pet photo is good enough?

We've made this photo guide to help you choose the best pet photo!

How do you make these pet portrait earrings?

We hand draw your pet using your reference photo, then place it into the border of your choice. After we have the artwork ready, we print it onto wood and laser cut it. We then handpaint each one to make your pet come alive.

Will I receive a proof?

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide a proof. The artwork on the computer will look drastically different than when it is painted. So you will not see the final product until it arrives at your door! How fun!

Can I change my order after it's been placed?

Sure, as long as it's within 12 hours after ordering. Once we begin, we can no longer change the order.

What is your refund policy for custom portrait earrings?

Because each order is completely handmade and custom, we're unable to offer refunds.


Can the mirrors hang on the wall?

Yes they can! They have built in keyhole backs for mounting. You can also use command strips. Each mirror's weight is listed so you can determine what hardware is best for you.

Shipping & Return Policy

What is your turn-around time?

Because each piece is handmade please allow up to 8 business days for your order to ship. We do our best to get orders out as quickly as possible but some pieces require extra attention and drying time.  Feel free to reach prior to ordering to if you are concerned about your timeline.

Do I have to pay customs and/or charges?

If you are a international customer outside Canada, you may need to pay customs charges and/or taxes when your order arrives in your country. Please check with your country’s customs and border control for more info on this. Rylee & Ink cannot be held responsible for any charges incurred when importing items into your country.

What is your return policy?

Due to our products being made to order, we do not accept returns or exchanges. If you should have a question or concern please reach out to us directly at

What do I do if my item arrived damaged in shipping?

In the case of an item arriving damaged due to postal transit, please email us at within 2 days of the date of delivery with an attached photo. We may require you to file a claim with the postal office but we will guide you through the process!


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