“We’re the opposite of minimalist! When I design, I put everything I have into a creation, and I want the final product to be something that you’ve never seen before, something truly unique”

Victoria-based designer Rylee Postulo was raised in a small town in the pacific north coast where it rains 230 days a year. She learned from a young age to escape her rainy surroundings with the creative worlds she would imagine. When her anxiety became unbearable, she seeked relief drawing hyper-detailed and intricate ink illustrations. She not only found relief but drawing unlocked a whole other imaginative world for Rylee.

She now transforms her drawings into intricate laser- cut wood jewelry and ornaments. Her style is intricate, colorful and whimsical. Best known for her intricately hand painted and 3-dimensional jewelry, Rylee creates designs that spark joy and creativity!

Rylee is heavily influenced by the ocean, nature, travel and her colorful personal style. You’ll find traces of these in all of her work.

All pieces are made and designed by hand and our trusty laser engraver in Victoria, BC.