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“We’re the opposite of minimalist! When I design, I put everything I have into a creation, and I want the final product to be something that you’ve never seen before, something truly unique”

Calgary-based designer Rylee Postulo was raised in a small town in the pacific north coast where it rains 230 days a year. She learned from a young age to escape her rainy surroundings with the creative worlds she would draw up. 

Rylee & Ink was born through wanting to transform her intricate drawings into something unique people could wear and feel confident in! 

Best known for our intricately hand painted and 3-dimensional jewelry, Rylee & Ink is dedicated to designing jewelry that sparks joy and creativity in your everyday life!


Our process and materials are part of what sets us apart from the rest. All pieces are first hand-drawn by Rylee before being scanned and laser-cut into sustainable wooden jewelry. Every piece we make is truly made with love and care as we intricately hand paint all our jewelry.


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