Behind the scenes making of the Ocean Collection

April 01, 2019

Behind the scenes making of the Ocean Collection

We're sure you're all curious to know how the ocean collection came together, aren't you! Dive into our ocean collection with a little "behind the scenes" magic.

The ocean collection is comprised of 19 jewelry pieces including statement necklaces and earrings, all inspired by the ocean. It's been Rylee's dream to create this collection ever since she started designing jewelry. Growing up by the ocean, Rylee has constantly been inspired by the deep blue sea and all the creatures within it.

The ocean collection features the same process as all our jewelry. Rylee first hand-draws the designs. The design is then laser engraved and handpainted. But there are some new techniques we incorporated into this collection, as well as some new styles.

Here's a few new things you'll see in the collection: 

Shell Inlays

What better to capture the beauty of the ocean than materials that were grown there? We sourced sustainable and ethically harvested mother of pearl and abalone veneer to incorporate into many of our ocean collection pieces. It's a delicate process to get just right - but so worth it!

Pendant and Statement Necklaces

That's right! We know you've been asking for necklaces for a while so Rylee focused on creating many different necklace looks. The "Ocean Queen" necklace was one of the more difficult designs to create. Inspired by the intricate shapes you see in coral reefs, Rylee made an intricate 3D necklace out of layered wood and pink mother of pearl inlay. 

Our necklace pendants are also a new change for Rylee & Ink. They are meant to be a tiny piece of ocean that you can wear around your neck. We wanted to make some of the most-loved sea animals of the ocean. We started with  the sea turtle, and manta ray but are excited to  keep adding more animal pendants as time goes on.  


The Photoshoot

There are so much that goes on behind the scenes to make the most out of a photoshoot. We wanted to create a little underwater world of our own.  We had the idea to make seaweed from different shades of blue streamers that we cut up.  

 Blue and Pink yarn was used to create a "coral" effect for some of the backgrounds you see.


We're so excited the ocean collection is here! Which piece is your favorite?

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